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About Me


Hi there! Welcome to my blog. If you are reading this, you surely want to know a little more about this exclusive blog and me! I am Amit Joshi, a Commerce Graduate from New Delhi. I run a Design House called 'CROMATIK' ( where we provide Graphic, Web, Video, Digital Marketing & Production Services to our clients in India and abroad.  


So how did this blog start?

A lengthy but interesting journey! A long time before I started this blog, somewhere in 2014, I started feeling that the excessive usage of the Internet is hampering my life in many ways. I was feeling a lack of concentration during my office work and reading, a communication gap with my friends and family due to a great deal of indulgence in the world of Social Media, lack of quality sleep because of long hours spent during the night on Internet Surfing, lack of time as I was wasting 4-5 hours daily on the Internet and above all, I started feeling depressed and insecure at the end of the day for no reason.

In the beginning, I thought that all these symptoms were a figment of my imagination but somehow, I wasn’t convinced with this theory fully. So one day I finally sat down with myself and left the Internet for a few hours to analyze. I realized that the reason behind these symptoms was Excessive Internet Surfing. I calculated that jumping to the Internet suddenly in the middle of working for 'Googling' random thoughts in my mind or feeling an urge to watch Youtube or trying to check my Social Media Profile is not only wasting my precious time, but also giving me the burden of a lot of unnecessary information which is not required for my life ACTUALLY.

Also, the focus and attention power that I used to possess in my earlier days of age were no longer there since I was using the Internet unnecessarily in between every activity of my life, be it personal or professional, small or big.


The Big Story

So what next? What to do? How to get rid of this Internet Addiction? I had no clue and no answer to this. Everyone around me was either surfing the Internet for fun or for momentary pleasure and so they had no time to answer this silly question I was carrying with myself. So instead of asking others, I started writing my thoughts and observations about Internet Surfing on paper. Slowly and steadily, over a period of time, these thoughts started taking the shape of a story. In the next 3 years, with the help of extensive research, imagination (which was more of reality) and LOTS OF HARD WORK, I was ready with my full-length book TIMEPASS - STORY OF INTERNET ADDICTION, I can proudly say this book is the World's first novel on Internet Addiction.

It is a fun as well as introspective novel about a young boy who realizes that he has been trapped in the world of the Internet and has wasted precious time from his life because of it. It is a beautiful tale of self-realization, taken straight away from the lives of the Internet Generation, which forces you to think about and look at the darker side of the world of the web. It is available on Amazon in both English & Hindi languages.

What is Internet Addiction Blog all about?

After writing my book and getting appreciated for its relevant and original theme, readers and people all around the world started asking me for solutions to Internet addiction. I also realized that Internet addiction has various aspects that affect each and every human being in their daily life, be it personal or professional in a different manner. Hence, I started collecting articles on Internet addiction from newspapers and magazines. I also started making and collecting videos of people addicted to the Internet and finally, I began writing articles based on minute observations that I noticed daily in people’s behavior due to Internet addiction.

So finally, this blog is dedicated to all the people in the world who after the advent and usage of the Internet feel that slowly, it is becoming an addiction for them in one form or another rather than being an actual necessity. It is either affecting them directly or indirectly, personally or professionally. Interestingly, most of them understand the threats of  the Internet but they are still unable to put a full-stop on its excessive usage. This blog is also for those people who wish to come out of Internet addiction and want to start a life with a more positive and enthusiastic approach than ever before.

As Internet addiction doesn’t fall in the recognized or approved addiction category in almost all countries of the world, people are not aware of this addiction yet. Using the Internet for long hours is still fun, enjoyable and the Biggest Timepass for people. So another purpose of this blog is to create awareness about Internet addiction among people. It is a place where they can read all about this addiction which sooner or later, might make them believe that it (this addiction) exists and it is not a figment of their imagination.

Every technology has pros and cons and so does the Internet. I am not here to criticize the Internet completely. My goal is to define and explain the thin line between good and bad usage of the Internet.

I also welcome all the readers to share their thoughts, comments and suggestions in each article to make this blog a place for learning and understanding the Internet in a positive manner, so that they can benefit from it instead of getting harmed.


I do not condemn the Internet. I only encourage its healthy use.