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Are you living in the moment or just capturing it?

I hail from the era of commercial photography. This was the time when mobile phones did not come into existence. In those days, whenever we used to travel with our family or friends, we would surely take a professional camera with us. The professional camera is slightly more weighty than the normal camera due to its heavy body and lense, but we would still carry it with us to click photographs. When we came back from the trip, we would be very happy to see those professionally captured photos.

One day while going through a folder of photos of one such trip on the computer, a photographer friend said, "Man, these photos have come out very well. The place was very nice, but don't you think we were not able to enjoy the place completely while we were taking photos. Don't you think we just kept on taking photos instead of enjoying the place or that moment? Without even thinking for a second, all the people who were sitting there nodded yes, because they were all feeling the same thing in their hearts. 

After that day we all decided that the next time we go on a trip, instead of clicking lots of photos on each spot, we will take fewer photos. We would first enjoy the place and then when we are leaving the place, we would take some photos to have the memory of that spot down the lane. It is a foolish act to start taking photos the moment we arrive at any particular spot. I don't know about others, but I follow the above-mentioned rule whenever I go on a vacation even today. 

Nowadays when I see people clicking pictures on their mobile phones of moments they are having on a tourist spot, I feel the same. Capturing photos on a mobile phone is easier and cooler than taking them on a professional camera. But I see the same thing that people do— not enjoying any moments in the course of taking photographs. However, now it is not limited to just clicking pictures. People also post these photos on their social media accounts, and if they get likes and comments on their photos, they get even more excited and motivated and go beyond limits to take photos on any spot they visit.

Do you think this is not the right thing to do when you are on vacation or on any tourist spot? Even if you believe that yes, it is not the right thing to do, you are still unable to stop yourself from taking unlimited photos. I am going to mention some of the reasons along with solutions to control this habit.

You don't have time to look at the pictures you take.

It is a proven fact that 90% of your photos taken on your mobile camera remain unseen because, in today's time, you don't have much time to look at and enjoy hundreds of photos every day. So the first advice is to click less and click quality photographs, those which can be properly seen and cherished later on.

Make a real album, instead of a social media album.

Believe me, it is practical to do this even today! If you take fewer photos, you can easily get them printed and stick them in your family album, so that one day, when you have time and feel the urge to remember and share old memories together with your family and close friends, you can easily do that. Seeing your precious photos in an actual photo album will give you more happiness than seeing them on social media.

Take photos for the memories, not for the likes.

If you drag every photo on social media for the purpose of getting likes on them, at the end of the day, you are surely going to get disappointed. If you do not get likes on a particular photo (that you think is cool), you will start finding flaws in your photos which is not a good thing. You must take photos to preserve memories, not for getting likes and applause from your social media friends.

Take photos after living those moments

Don't take photos in between living the moments. First, enjoy them and then for keeping them as memories down the lane, take photos of those moments. For instance, you go to an ice-cream parlor, finish your ice-cream first, and then take a photo inside or outside the ice-cream parlor, instead of taking a photo while you are licking the ice-cream. It will serve both purposes of yours— you enjoyed the moment, and you captured it as well. Taking a photo in between living the moment diminishes the beauty of that moment somehow.

You have come on a trip, not on a photography assignment

In today's digital era, this is the basic rule one should always keep in mind while on a trip or vacation. Capturing the moment is a part of the trip and not the purpose of the trip.

Do not inadvertently spread jealousy on social media

You should be aware that if you post excessive photos on social media, then in some way you are spreading jealousy on it. Avoid doing this. Seeing your photos on social media all the time gives the wrong impression to your friends. They think that you are living a better life than them. If you cannot avoid posting photos on social media at all, just post one photo and write a meaningful caption with it. For example, a photo of you sitting by a lake could have the caption "Sit with nature to relax from your hectic life."

So friends, keep these small things in mind in order to enjoy your vacations, trips and little picnics more. Will see you next time.