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Can We Spend a Day without our smartphone ?

This is the funniest as well as the most thoughtful question I usually ask people around me. The immediate answer that I get is 'Yes'. But the drama starts when a majority of people think for a while before answering and they always say 'No'. Some people go beyond that and start debating and ask "What is the purpose of doing that?” or “Why do you want us to do such a thing? Some people laugh without giving an answer at all like I was just cracking a joke, and not asking a question. But very few people think over my question. Those who do are the people that are concerned about the dangers of smartphone addiction that are growing day by day. These people say 'Yes' but are still doubtful and confused as to how they will live that particular day without a smartphone.


Is this a thoughtful question?

The question can be replaced with another question: What if your smartphone is replaced with a basic mobile phone that has no Internet? The answer will be the same as stated above. Because the main problem is not the mobile. It is the Internet that makes it a smart and addictive toy to play with your fingers. Most people who were born before the year 2000 are fully aware of the development process of mobiles. Our childhood was not influenced by mobile phones like today's generation. Before the invention of the Internet or the fast Internet data pack, we all used mobile phones only for talking and sometimes for texting.

Today a smartphone has become so indispensable that we cannot imagine a single day of our life without it. People carry their smartphones everywhere, be it home, workplace, study room, bedroom, or playground, you name it. You will find that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Before stepping outside the house, it has become necessary to take your smartphone with you.

So let’s come back to our question. If mobiles get disappeared one day, what will be our condition like? Some of the responses I got were:

1. "I will not miss it and will be able to proceed with my day normally except for the absence of some digital services linked to my mobile." These were people who were using their smartphones in a healthy way, such as talking and surfing the Internet only when it was needed. They were hardly seen surfing the Internet on their mobiles just for enjoyment.

2. "I will feel at times that something is missing." These are the people whose dependency on the mobile is a little bit more than just talking. They use their mobile whenever they are free from work or from the people around them.


3. "I will miss it frequently and will feel that my going through my day is not possible without a mobile phone." These are the people who have ALMOST become a slave to the smartphone. They pick up their phone every 5-10 minutes and keep surfing on it for a long time. Whenever they get free time, they prefer surfing on their mobile rather than doing any other acitivity.

4. "I will miss it extremely." These people will never put their smartphones away, no matter what the situation is. These people can be easily put into the category of Internet-addicted people. They love their smartphones more than anything else in their life. The idea of losing their smartphone for even a moment disturbs them, let alone the thought of keeping it away from them for an entire day.


Now you can see that your own response is sufficient to give you a clue about your positive or negative dependency on smartphones. If you fall into the categories '1' or '2'. It is okay, you don't need to be concerned about your smartphone use. But if you fall into the categories  '3' or '4', it is a matter of concern and you need to take immediate action.

The line "We live in the time of smart phones and stupid people." fits exactly for such people.