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Do you feel trapped by your new smartphone?

Do you ever imagine that it would be nice if you didn't have a smartphone and still had the same basic mobile phone that you had a few years ago, with which you could only make calls? Imagine how relaxing that would be. You would feel much happier and relaxed since this new smartphone keeps you busy for nothing. You receive messages on WhatsApp so frequently that they divert your attention from your work several times during the day. 

While working during the day, you don't realize how often you pick up your smartphone and check it unnecessarily. You’re sometimes checking your friends' photos and status on WhatsApp, and sometimes spending a lot of time watching a video forwarded by them. After that, you go on to watch one video on YouTube and do not realize that you end up watching many more.

It is fun to enjoy your time like this, but you still get the idea that your smartphone fools you in wasting a lot of your time. However, what’s interesting is that even though you know how much time you waste on it, you cannot leave or replace your smartphone with your old phone even if you wanted to. A smartphone has somehow become an integral part of our daily lives.
Don't believe me? Let me prove it to you through some practical examples.

Your smartphone has WhatsApp, on which you not only pass your time but often send photos and documents to your clients and connections from work. Earlier you used to send them documents by email, but since you have started sending them on WhatsApp, they too have started giving communication on WhatsApp more importance than email. The point is that if you send any document to them by email, they now expect you to send them the same document on WhatsApp so that they can access it quickly.

Google Maps

Google Maps is also a very important tool like WhatsApp which helps you in reaching any new place or location. Before going to any new location, you turn on Google Maps, that is, GPS, and it gives you access to your destination without any problem. After the arrival of such a feature, you cannot imagine losing it and travelling without it, because it not only saves your time but also saves you from wandering unnecessarily on unknown paths. Google Maps also gives you information about traffic jams in advance which saves you from going on congested routes.

Information at your fingertips

Today, if we want to check a fact about any topic in mutual conversation, to quickly search on Google regarding any thought that arises in our mind, or to find out the answer to any question, we quickly pick up our smartphone. It has become a habit as well as a need. We feel incomplete without our smartphones because we consider them smarter than us. We depend on its smartness for our smartness.


In today's time, having a phone has become a sham. People often ask you, “From which company and which model is your smartphone?” When this question has been asked you many times and by different people, you start to feel as if your identity is no longer limited to just good clothes and shoes. People are weighing your status with the weight or value of your mobile. If you have a cheap phone and even if you are happy with it, people respect you less for it. Because of this, you feel that you have to buy an expensive smartphone even if you don't really want to.

Fear of being left out of the crowd

It is often said— to do something new in life or to establish your identity, you should stand apart from the crowd. But when it comes to our smartphones, we do not do this. We are afraid that if we don’t have a smartphone, we will be cut off from the world and become isolated. What will we do if we need a smartphone when someone tells us, "I am sending you a file on WhatsApp", or "I am sending you a location, this way you will reach my office or home straight-away". We are afraid of what everyone will say as to why we don’t have smartphones. Do we not have money to buy them? Are we using outdated phones to look different from the rest of the world? We wonder for how long we will make excuses and just decide to get a smartphone and use it a little.

How to Timepass

Before smartphones arrived, whenever we were sitting without doing anything and were bored, we would just start talking to the person sitting around us on any subject. If someone felt bored while traveling, they would read a book, magazine or newspaper, and if they weren’t doing anything, they would just fall asleep.

But now, instead of doing any of these things, we simply take out our smartphone and start surfing the internet. Now we do not need to depend on anything else to pass time. Internet surfing has become the biggest means that we use to time-pass, and smartphones have made it much easier.

The most comical yet tragic part is that most people who are upset with their smartphone use or crying out because of their excessive dependence on them, are using them incorrectly throughout the day. The people who say that mobile phones have become a disease in today's time are the same people that can be seen peeping into their mobile screens many times during a day.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? This happens because the makers (the market) of the Internet taught us how to enter the world of the Internet but did not tell us how to get out of it. Nobody has taught us that. But then who will teach us? The people who have created this Labyrinth (chakrvyuh)? NEVER.

But if someone does teach you some tricks to come out of the addictive world of the internet, will you be ready to learn or will you prefer to enjoy being stuck in this vicious cycle?

Let me end today's article with this thoughtful question.