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How badly the Internet is affecting your studies ?

Passing time on the Internet has become an addiction as well as a trend in today's time. It seems like everyone is competing with each other to see who can watch useless stuff on the Internet the most.

Surfing the Internet without any purpose for a long time cannot be justified at any cost, no matter what age someone is. But according to my calculation and observation in this field, excessive surfing on the Internet affects our younger generation more than any other age group. This includes children of ages 12 to 25 years. Yes, this is the age for studying, and to build a career. In this age, if your attention is diverted to anything else other than studies, it will have very serious consequences.

I still remember that when I was of this age, during exam days we were forbidden to watch movies whether on TV or in the cinema hall. Our teachers used to strictly instruct us not to watch any film a few days before the paper. The simple reason behind this was that if you watch a movie, the story and characters of that movie will keep wandering in your mind for the next few days. This won't let you focus properly on your studies. 

Now let's talk about today's time i.e. the era of the Internet. Today, almost every student has a mobile phone and neither he nor his parents are aware of how long he is surfing the Internet throughout the day. You will see that nowadays, students carry mobile phones with them to tuition and school. They are surfing the internet on their mobile before the tuition class starts and quickly after it is over. How much focus do you think they will be able to have in studies? Very less.

While studying, many students keep their mobiles around their study material and pick it up frequently, checking it for no reason. If you are a student or parent, I would like to tell you that the Internet hampers both your studies and career very badly. Let's understand this with a few points.

It damages focus power

The one thing that every student needs to get good marks or to excel in studies is the ability to focus. But if you surf the Internet more than it is necessary to, your focus power gradually decreases because your mind is thinking all the time about the content you have recently consumed on the Internet. Instead of focusing on your study material, you plan to watch a YouTube video the very moment you are released from studying. You are not focused on studying fully.

It kills your time

Let's assume you have to study for 3 hours. Now if you are surfing the Internet for half that time, then think about how much time you will be able to give to your studies? Surfing the Internet means the cut-down of your study time drastically. You don’t even realize how 5 minutes become 50 minutes in a blink of an eye.

It makes you impatient

Surfing the Internet for a long time reduces your patience level. Every type of content is available on your fingertips, there is no waiting time and so, you gradually become impatient. You are no longer able to wait for things to happen in real life as well. For example, in Mathematics, you have to be very patient at times to solve a question. But now your mind hates this. You want to solve it quickly, even if it requires a little bit more time than usual. This impatience is very harmful for your academic career.

It makes you tired

After watching a lot of videos and reading many topics on the Internet, you feel mentally exhausted. Because of this, when you sit to study, your mind is not as fresh and energetic as it should be to understand your study material. So now whatever you study, you do it with a tired and confused mind which does not give you a great output.

It increases your dependency
Nowadays, many students are dependent on the internet for their study material, this is also true to some extent, but many times students waste a lot of their time in doing so. It would be better if they take the help of their teacher or a fellow student. This way chances of getting good study material in less time are more than finding it on the internet.

It leads you astray
If you are searching for some material related to studies on the Internet, then it is very likely that you will end up searching and watching something else other than your study material too. This habit not only prevents you from searching for good quality material but also wastes your time.

You’re thinking about the Internet, not your Career
There are many students who have passed with good marks in their studies and now they have to think about their careers. Instead of doing that, most of them keep on surfing the Internet on mobiles all day. By doing this, they not only waste their time but eventually spend the significant years of their career in a lower profession rather than utilizing their real potential.

So, students, you have seen how the Internet affects your studies and career in a dangerous way. In the end, I would advise you to keep your mobile phone away from you as much as possible or the most important years of your life which form the foundation of your career will be ruined in a blink of an eye.