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How can parents learn from technological giants ?

Nowadays it has become common for parents to give mobile phones to their children, even if they are only 3 or 4 years old. They do not mind if their children spend hours on cartoons, online games, and social media. If you are one of them and you think there is nothing wrong with this, then think twice. 

Do you know that tech giants like founders of Facebook, iPhone, and Microsoft are stricter than us about their children's use of social media, the Internet, and smartphones? Yes, it's true, let’stake a peek at the facts:

  • Mark Zuckerberg wants his daughter to read storybooksand play outside more than to use his own creation Facebook.
  • Bill Gates and Melinda did not give smartphones to their kids until they reached the age of 14.
  • Steve jobs had restricted the limits of technology at home for his kids.


You can Google anytime to check the credibility of these facts. You will find many articles related to these topics. 

Do you know why these people restrict the use of technology by their children?

It’s because a creator always knows the upside as well as the downside of his creation better than the consumer.

What can you learn from these rich tech giants about being a parent? Let's dig a little deeper and analyze each point step by step.


Bill gates & his wife Melinda

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, spends hours reading books.

The perfect example of setting an example for your children:I know that most of you don't read books these days because most of your time gets sucked up by the seductive internet. 

However, there is another reason— you have lost the habit of reading.But do you want your children to follow the same path of ignorance? Or do you want them to use mobile phones more than textbooks or storybooks? Think calmly.Your answer should be NO.

So please give them books.Also, set an example by reading a book (whichever genre you like) in front of them. They will follow in your footsteps soon. It's a trick that usually works and gradually, reading will becomethe habit of your whole family. It works at least at my house.


Bill Gates & Melinda didn't give smartphones to their kids until they reached the age of 14.

Yes, this can also be done at your house. Children under this age do not need a separate mobile phone. Most of the time, they are either at school, home or playground.

It is inappropriate to give mobile children under this age as they will use it for gaming purposes, surfing social networking sites or sometimes even for adult content. If they demand a separate mobile phone, ask them strictly, why do they need it? Do this instead of blindly meeting their technical demands.


Most parents buy mobiles for their children because they believe that it will help them to stay updated, but they forget that their child gradually becomes addicted to the mobile instead of staying updated.

It is both unfair and foolish to expect your children to use technology in a restrictive manner.

Mark Zuckerberg wants his daughter to read storybooks more than using Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

This is because he knows how disruptive social media is. And by now (if you are using these sites and apps) you as a parent and an individual must have seen their side effects too.  Notice again the emphasis on storybooks instead of using the internet.

You can add some other good activity to restrict the involvement of the Internet from your child's life such as enrolling them in a sports activity or nurturing their hidden talent by observing their inclination towards a particular stream.

Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger, Twitter, and Medium; and his wife, Sara Williams, said that instead of iPads, their two young boys possess hundreds of books that they can pick from and read anytime.

Steve jobs had restricted the limits of technology at home for his kids.

Even Steve Jobs was concerned about the overuse of technology. He knew that the phone and tablet he made would surely be more of a hit in people's minds than their hands. So he restricted their use for his children at home.

And what do we do these days? If we are able to buy a tablet, then we immediately buy it for our 7-year-olds too. The hilarious part is that after some time, we start complaining that the same child does not talk to us and is always busy with his mobile.

I hope that this article will give you some insight into how technological millionaires raise their children by creating appropriate and practical distance from technology and apps that they themselves invented. Following their steps or modifying them a bit as per your convenience can bring a big positive impact on your child's upbringing.

Use technology at home for the benefit of your children, so that it doesn’t become their addiction someday.