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How do 5 minutes turn into 50 minutes when you’re on the Internet ?

It is often said that it doesn’t take long to pass time. If we consider this in the context of surfing on the internet, it is perfectly accurate. Does it also happen with you that you think of surfing the Internet for a short time in the middle of doing important work, and when you come back, you find that you have spent a lot more time than you imagined?

For instance, you think while working, "Let me just surf Facebook for 5 minutes.” You look at the clock and decide to give yourself five minutes for it, but when you came back to work, you realize that you wasted 30 minutes or even more on Facebook!

Obviously, some of you may feel a little bad at that time and you decide that from now on, you will not repeat this mistake. If you decide to give five minutes of your time to Internet surfing, then you will give only five minutes and not more than that. But the same thing happens the next time and you end up breaking your promise to yourself of limited Internet use. 

Have you ever wondered why this happens? Why our time on the Internet goes by in the blink of an eye and we don't even realize it and are unable to stop it?  Are you among those people who want to seriously do something about this or are you going to ignore it every time because you don't care, and love Internet surfing more than your work? 

Whatever category you fall into, let me explain to you today how the Internet sucks our time in a very bad way, why we don't realize it and whether we can control it to some extent or not.

There are three main reasons as to why 5 minutes on the Internet turn into 50 minutes and why we keep repeating the same mistake every day.

Apart from what you go to the Internet to search for, you find many other things to surf.

This happens to all of us. We go to read or watch something specific on the Internet, but easily get drawn to other ads, articles, and news flashing on that page. So instead of reading or watching that specific content, we keep jumping to other things that seem better and more entertaining than the current one. This habit keeps on taking us from one page to another until there is a knock in our mind from somewhere that we should stop now.

You don't realize the importance of time 

Let’s say that the last time that you felt bad for spending more time on the Internet than the limit you set for yourself, you also took a pledge to not repeat this mistake. But you did break that pledge and are now wondering why that happened. There’s no need to wonder, my friend. You simply do not understand the value of time. You have only heard it as an idiom that time is priceless and once it is passed, it never comes back. You are not aware of its reality. The day you understand the value of time practically, you will not spend a single extra minute on unnecessary surfing on the Internet.

You see everyone around you doing this, and nobody is complaining

Everyone around you is doing the same thing. In the middle of working, in between conversations, while cooking, in between studies— everyone takes out their mobile and starts surfing the Internet as soon as they get a spare moment. Since you see all people doing this and nobody complains about the overuse of Internet surfing, your belief system adopts this habit and does not complain if you cross the limit. So instead of repenting or trying to rectify this mistake, you keep on repeating it every day. You realize you only wonder about it and then you forget about it :)

Now the question that arises is whether or not we can give up this habit completely or at least control it to some extent. From my experience and research on this, I can say that in today's time, surfing the Internet in the middle of important work has become a habit that cannot go away itself or instantly.

If you are really looking for some solutions, I suggest the following ways.

Set an alarm

If you want to surf the Internet for five minutes, then set an alarm for it so that after five minutes, you are clear that your time is up. Then it is completely up to you whether you continue surfing the Internet or not. If you continue doing it, then you cannot blame or wonder at the end of that prolonged session.

Make a habit of postponing it

Just as we avoid and postpone work and other important things in order to surf the Internet, and make silly excuses for ourselves, we should learn to postpone the habit of surfing the Internet the same way. If your mind tries to surf the internet ten times a day, then your mind should postpone or avoid it at least once or twice by making some excuse. By applying this habit of postponing surfing the internet, you will not only learn to avoid it but also save a considerable amount of time.


This is a very useful trick. If you want to surf the Internet for five minutes, replace this with some other activity. Replace it by going on a walk for five minutes or talking to the person sitting next to you. Call a friend you were missing for a long time or make a note on a piece of paper of important tasks to finish in the upcoming days. The trick is to do something other than surfing the Internet. This will help you out a lot.


This is what we avoid doing when we are surfing the internet. We just take out our mobile or open the browser on our PC. The next time you start doing this, just pause and think as to why you want to surf the internet. It can be because you are not enjoying your work or study. It can also be that you are not getting the results you want from your work, life, or partner. There can be many reasons but instead of focusing on your problem and finding a solution, surfing the Internet to calm your mind cannot be justified and be considered a sensible thing from any perspective. It will only increase your depression and your problem.

Some other small things can also be helpful like putting up quotes on your work desk and on the walls of your house about the importance of time. Reading time management books and trying to apply them by setting small goals in life can keep you away from unnecessary Internet surfing to a great extent. 

In the end, I would say that do anything but do not waste time. It is precious and will not come back again.