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Impatient ? due to excessive use of Internet

Do you think that your level of patience has been decreasing for some time? For instance, many times during the day when we are working on the computer, even clicking with the mouse feels like a mountainous task! Instead of properly and correctly naming a folder, we name it anything in haste.

If we are reading an article that will help us to solve our personal or work-related problems, we try to hurriedly finish it rather than reading carefully. Moreover, we try to reply to an email as soon as possible and even by using a shortcut. What’s all this about?

Further, a study revealed that online users do not buy goods from those websites which take more than 5 seconds to load.
However, if you think that your patience level goes down only when you are working online or on the computer, then you are mistaken. Our patience level has also gone down in our offline life, and it has not been the same as it used to be.

Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you how.

  • Don't you try to skim articles in the newspaper by reading them cursorily?
  • Don’t you start speaking or responding to the other person before fully listening to them in a mutual conversation?
  • Eating food as fast as possible or putting items in your house in their improper place is also a sign of our declining level of patience.

Why is this happening? Do you think that if we do our work in a hurry, it will save our time and we will be able to utilize that time in some other work? Does that happen? NEVER. The time that you save by doing important things incorrectly, you just end up wasting that (saved) time surfing in the online world.


This is an important reason for our declining patience. We are always online, we get all the information on our fingertips, and we can get it each and every second. When something, whether it is information or any physical material, is available to us at our fingertips anytime, we get into the habit of rushing. Then we need the next information at the same speed as we have been getting it earlier.

I’ll explain this with another example.In the past, our TV had only one channel. Our minds knew that we would get to watch any serial or movie only once and at a set time, so we used to watch it patiently and calmly. But now we have more than 100 channels, and so we have a lot of options.

We know that we can watch a lot of different things at the same time, so we keep changing the channels and do not stay on any single channel. Today, we cannot watch a single channel on the television patiently.

 In the same way, our brain has lost its pace with time due to excessive Internet surfing. Now our brain knows that there is a lot of content available on the internet, so now we don't need to spend a long time on any particular content or website.

We want immediate results, immediate information, and immediate answers because we feel that all the information, results or material we are looking for on the Internet can also be found on other platforms as well, perhaps even better than before or in less time.

I think that over time; the problem of quick dismissing of work will increase, not decrease. So the question arises—Is there a way to regain our patience? Should we ban the Internet completely? Will that be logical?

 The answer is a big NO. We can no longer restrict Internet access because it has become a necessity along with a habit of ours. However, we can surely take some small steps that can reduce our Internet usage time to slow down the speed of our daily activities.


 1. You can set your iOS 10 phone to Do Not Disturb mode for a certain period. Try it. Start with keeping it on DND for 15 minutes and then increase this time slowly to get better results.

2. Install some applications such as Flipd that will temporarily shut down your phone's Internet.There are many other applications that can help you to keep an eye on your Internet use.

3. Always keep in mind that whatever work you do, you should do it comfortably and with the full time it requires, rather than finishing it in a hurry. It will certainly give you a better output.

4. Whatever you read on the Internet, read a small amount but read it carefully. This way you can understand it and benefit from it.

5. Try to be bored occasionally. Surfing the internet to avoid boredom all the time and loading yourself with information is very dangerous. Relax your mind so that it can be refreshed.



I hope these small tips will help you to increase your patience level. I’ll see you all in the next article.

Till then, take care and stay focused on your goals rather than on your darling Internet.