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Amit Joshi is a not a motivational speaker but he has done thorough research on the topic of Internet Addiction since 2014. It is a multi-dimensional disorder and has emerged as the biggest threat to our society. It has not only changed the behavioral pattern of each and every individual but is also becoming the germ causing many other problems for every age group in the society.

Amit Joshi is the first and only writer in the world to write a full-length novel on this subject— TIMEPASS - STORY OF INTERNET ADDICTION. Apart from writing this novel, he is the force behind this exclusive blog which includes every minute detail of this addiction.


Why do we need to take action?

If we don’t take steps towards Internet Addiction in the present, it endangers our future. It will become a permanent addiction like the addiction to liquor, smoking or drugs which lives with a person for almost their whole life and affects their physical as well as mental health. Our kids will grow up in a virtual environment, imbibed with an artificial intelligence that will suck their charm, innocence and originality which we aspire to see in our future generation. Our youth will end up wasting their time in unproductive activities on the Internet that will result in them living a virtual life which lacks concentration, patience, innovation and creativity. Even elders who have started becoming addicted to the Internet will cut themselves off from society even further. Instead of guiding the younger generation, they will become distant from them, thus resulting in feeling more lonely and neglected than ever. 

Who should be involved in the discussion ?

Everyone. No matter which age group one belongs to. From kids to parents and from youngsters to elders, everyone must be included. This is because at present, Internet Addiction is present in every human being, no matter how intensive it is. It is quite possible that you don’t use the Internet, but your dear ones do and you have smelled the danger by observing their abnormal activities and behaviour. Sometimes the behaviour of the addicted person is visible but most of the time, it is not. Therefore, one needs to be aware and conscious enough to address this issue in themselves or the people around them.

What should be the approach to address this problem?


Acknowledgement and Awareness

In the present scenario in India, surfing the internet for long hours for enjoyment is still only considered as a bad habit but not an addiction. The topmost reason behind this mentality is that all of us are seeing each and every person around us doing the same thing, so we do not feel that there is any hidden danger in doing it. When this bad habit turns into an addiction, we don't even realize it. The very first step in solving this problem is to acknowledge the issue and spread awareness that Internet Addiction exists and it is affecting our society in a very unhealthy manner.


Unless we are open for a healthy discussion on the issue of Internet Addiction in detail involving each pillar of the society i.e. the kids, youngsters, parents and teachers, we will not be able to tackle the problem. Ignoring the issue will only increase this problem in future. So an open discussion is required to address the issue.


The first step is always tough, especially when you are dealing with an invisible and unrecognised disease. Before dealing with Internet Addiction, we all need to understand and accept its presence. There are many causes of this addiction, so knowing those causes and preventing them from occurring, small changes in our habits regarding Internet use in the personal and professional environments, setting and achieving daily and long-term targets to tackle the problem and finally, going beyond just seeking answers on this topic and applying them practically in our daily routine are all a part of the action therapy.



“A talk and discussion are sometimes the first step towards curing a problem.”

It will be an interactive session where every individual will be encouraged to share their views and experiences on Internet Addiction with rest of the participants. Accepting the addiction, knowing how deeply it affects an individual and the society, discussing how we can minimize its affect and finally, some daily remedies to overcome it will be all part of the workshop.

All sessions are customized for the particular audience that will be addressed. 

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