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Moments when you are drawn to the Internet

Are you annoyed with yourself for the last few days due to your excessive use of the Internet? As soon as you woke up this morning, you might have decided that from today, you will not even click on the Internet icon on your phone, no matter how many notifications pop up from your social media accounts. You decided that you wouldn’t check them at all and you’ll only do your work throughout the day and will not pass your time on the Internet no matter what. You simply took a pledge to use the internet for work purposes only.

But the reality is that no matter how much we try and even if we make a million promises to ourselves not to surf the Internet unnecessarily, there are some moments every day when we are drawn to the Internet even if we do not want to be. Then breaking all our promises to ourselves, we keep on surfing the Internet not only for a few minutes but for several hours. Then again at the end of the day, we lament as to why did we do this foolish act.

After all, what happens in those moments when you start paying more attention to the Internet rather than the other things in your life? What is it in those moments that take you towards the Internet? Let’s quickly discuss the causes of some such moments in this article. 

When you are disappointed

The first and main reason. Throughout the day, whenever we are disappointed with ourselves or with our life, we turn to the internet. We start scrolling through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Then we start watching videos on YouTube, and many times end up reading long articles. We all want to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams, and we wish for them to come true in an instant, which is not possible. So saddened by such disappointment, we resort to the internet to find some moments of happiness.

When you are bored
As soon as you are idle and have no work, the first thing that your mind knows to do to overcome boredom is Internet surfing. It knows that you will find something on the Internet that will quickly eliminate your boredom.

When you feel isolated 
Whether in a party or in the middle of a discussion between people, whenever you feel as if you are falling apart and no one is paying attention to you, you immediately take out your mobile and start surfing the Internet. In this case, you just want to make yourself, and others feel that you are important and you have lots of things to do.

Instead of finding a solution, you avoid your problems
Whenever you want to avoid any problem in your life instead of finding a solution for it, you turn to the internet so that your attention is diverted for some time and you can get feel relaxed.

When you are angry
Whenever you are angry with yourself or with a situation or with the people around you, and you are not in a position to expel that anger at that moment, you instantly turn to Internet surfing. This provides momentary relief and helps to suppress your anger.

When you imitate others
You can say that its magic that whenever you see people around you who are spending their time on the Internet on their mobile or computer, your hands automatically touch the mobile inside your pocket and you take it out to do the same activity.

When you forget the importance of time
Whenever you forget that time is priceless and it does not come back, the first activity you do in an entire day is Internet surfing until the moment you recall that by doing it, you are wasting your valuable time.

Apart from these causes, there can be some other reasons and moments when you are pulled towards the Internet. If you have such a reasons, then please share them with me so that we can discuss them and try to avoid Internet surfing in those moments. 


Till next time, take care.