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Obsessive Selfie-Taking:
A Brief Overview of the Addiction

What’s a Selfie? There’s really no need to explain as we live in this digital era. Still, I would like to give a quick definition— it is a photo that one has taken of themselves. Usually, people take it by their smartphones, webcams, tablets, etc. It is rare to see people taking a selfie and just storing it on their device because in more than 95% of cases, the purpose of taking a selfie is to share and promote it through various social media platforms. Sometimes people apply color correction, image editing and other enhancements (through various apps) to their selfie before posting it on the Internet.


The obsession of taking selfies all the time has given birth to a new term called “Selfits”, a mental disorder where the person keeps taking selfies all day long at regular intervals for no specific reason. Since the advent of mobile phones with front cameras, selfies started as surprising clicks but they soon became an addiction for most people.

Why do we need to discuss a regular habit of people so seriously?

Since this habit is not limited to just posting selfies on social media, people who take them excessively often have the following reasons.

  • They want to show off to their friends, by taking a selfie at specific locations, that they are enjoying on a trip, party, an event or in the marketplace. 
  • They want more likes and comments on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Most of the time it’s part of an unofficial competition subconsciously on their part with their peers.
  • They want to feel better. After taking a great selfie, their mood gets better which automatically enhances their self-confidence.
  • They want to be a part of a specific social group. If their friends or social icons are part of such groups that take many selfies, they want to fit in that group by doing the same.


When do we call it an addiction?

In this digital age, where we have a mobile in our hands at all times with great picture quality, it is not easy to restrict oneself from taking a selfie. It is okay if you take selfies occasionally by yourself or with your friends and family. It is also okay if you take selfies when you are at a place that you feel great about (such as if you are visiting the Taj Mahal). We all do these kinds of activities once in a while like taking them at a celebration with your family or a party with your colleagues after a long time. Many times, you take a selfie but don’t post it on social media, that is also okay as you take it for keeping it as a memory down the lane.

Selfie Addiction

Taking selfies throughout the day or every day, say for more than 3 times and posting it on social media (and then restlessly hoping to get likes on it) can be called an addiction. People who do that have a mental disorder that includes attention-seeking behavior and indulging in social competition. 

Is it life threating ?

Yes, it is. You must have heard in the news many times that fatal accidents have occurred while people were taking selfies. People have fallen in the river or from a rooftop while trying to take a selfie. People were accidentally shot by their pistol while trying to pose with it. People have also been hit by vehicles while trying to pose in the middle of the road. These stories have different forms, but the accused is the same: Selfie

Selfie as an addiction might not be the case with some of you or even with an obsessively selfie-taking person. However, the impact of rapidly growing social media and the obsession to remain updated and popular on it will definitely give someone the status of addiction sooner or later in our society.

Internet addiction blog Verdict: Will it fade away with time or actually increase?

This should be answered right now. Until we know or accept it as an addiction, it will never go on its own. Since its not always a life-threating addiction, people are using it as an addicted person does. It also boosts ego (even though its in a negative way) and so it will remain a favorite for the internet generation.

But on a positive note, we wish to see more people taking a selfie with their actual achievements rather than taking a selfie for no reason.