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Reviews-Why You Shouldn't Follow them Blindly ?

There are some decisions in our life where it is difficult to decide whether their effect on us will be good or bad in the present and the nearby future. One such difficult decision was my son's admission to school for the first time. 

After applying to many schools, on the result day, we had the option of admitting our child in eigth different schools. It was a difficult decision because we had so many choices. We had also read the reviews of those eight schools while filling the admission form on Google, and now the only thing left to do to make our decision was actually visiting them. 
Both of us were delighted when we reached the very first school. It was exactly the kind of  school we wished for our child. It had a large playground for the children to play— our biggest priority and first criteria while choosing a school. The school had many beautiful mini-gardens with lots of trees and flowers. The behavior of the teachers while talking to parents was very satisfactory and they did not seem to show-off.

We were still surveying the school when a woman who had come to admit her daughter came to us and started talking about the school. During this conversation, we came to know that she was not satisfied with the school simply because the reviews of this school on Google are fewer and not as good as other schools from which she had received calls from for admission. 

I asked her how low the reviews and ratings were.  She told us that this school has been given 4.1 stars by people while the rest of the schools have received more than 4.5 stars.  I found it to be a shocking and at the same time, hilarious answer. 

My wife and I tried to convince her that she had an entire school in front of her, and she should take her decision without being biased because of those reviews. But she did not understand our point and kept telling us about the negative reviews about the school. And as I expected, she left with her daughter after a while.

We did not care for her leaving and about what she had told us. We looked over the school more thoroughly and then, while people waste many days and make so much effort for their child's admission, I admitted my son in that school within two hours. 

However, the preference given to reviews and people getting influenced by them led me to the very critical conclusion that somewhere or the other, we have become very dependent on reviews these days and they have started hampering our own intelligence and judgement.


Let me give you some simple tips as to when and to what extent we should depend on reviews.

1. Read reviews about consumption products, not about services or durable things.

Before you buy a mobile phone, you check out the reviews to see if it is good and then you can also buy it on the basis of those reviews. But can you buy a house only on the basis its reviews? Never. For that, you will have to see the house, location, builder's past records and all the other facilities that will come with it. The point is to never make a big purchasing decision and also about an important service based only on reviews.

2. Do not trust reviews too much.

Or else you may face both frustration and anger since many times,  reviews are bought or they have been collected by emotionally pressurizing  the customers, often by repeatedly interrupting them. There is no way of checking the quality of reviews these days.

3. Do not waste time reading reviews or being confused by them.

Often before we buy a product or service, we read its reviews on many online platforms due to which we not only waste our time but also get confused by reading a lot of reviews. Avoid doing this. 

4. Do not let reviews dominate your personal experience with the product. 

If you have bought or tested a product or service before, then trust it again on its past performance and not on its current online reviews. This happens often in situations where you want to consume those products or services again, but other people prevent you from doing so because that product or service currently doesn't have good reviews at that moment. 

5. Avoid the habit of purchasing things blindly. 

Buying everything after reading reviews means blindly believing in something without any substantial proof. Doing this every time hampers your personal thinking and decision making ability which is complete wrong.

Remember that in today's competition and marketing era, getting good reviews is neither a difficult task nor an easy one. It may be possible that a product or service with very good reviews will not be of any use to you and vice versa. Try to go and purchase things without the baggage of expectation and under the influence of reviews. Make decisions based on your experience and instinct so that it will further develop and enrich your ability to test and asses.