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The Art of Sitting by Yourself

For the last few years, I have been a regular visitor to the nearby park for yoga and exercise. Since I have been going there for several years, I have become acquainted with many people. Among them, there is one person who prefers to often sit on a bench instead of walking or exercising in the park. He usually waits for one of his companions with whom he can speak with. 
Just like every day, he came to the park but today none of his companions came to talk to him. He sat quietly for some time but then after a while; he looked at me and said, “What is the benefit of coming to the park and sitting alone? It would have been better if I had stayed at home, opened Facebook on the computer and passed my time. Facebook is the best thing to timepass, right?” And then he started laughing loudly. I did not answer, just smiled and nodded in agreement. That person sat there for a while. He got bored soon and got up and left the park.
This incident reminded me that we have forgotten to sit by ourselves, just like Shikhar, the protagonist of my novel TIMEPASS-STORY OF INTERNET ADDICTION who is afraid to sit and talk with himself. He always needs something to help him to pass his time. In today's time, the Internet is such a thing by using which your time disappears in the blink of an eye.

What is it like to sit with ourselves and why do we need it? Does this question seem philosophical to you? Or did you never give the question some deep thought? Do you still prefer surfing the internet on your mobile instead of thinking about something whenever you are sitting without doing anything? 
Today, I will tell you why it is important to sit by ourselves instead of surfing unnecessarily on the Internet.
Sitting by yourself means thinking about yourself and not the entire world

Whenever you are alone and there is nothing around you to distract you, that is when you should think about your life. For example, are you satisfied with where you stand in your life today? Or what do you need to do today and in the upcoming days? What are your short and long-term goals and what efforts are you going to put to fulfill them? These little discussions with yourself will help you to make your life more meaningful and impactful.
Talking is important but not all the time
Talking with other people whether it is face to face or chatting on the internet or on social networking sites is only right up to an extent. If we start using the internet to avoid being bored all the time, then this tendency slowly becomes a habit. This is not only wrong but even dangerous after a point of time.
No one knows you better than you
To get to know and understand another person well, you need to spend time with them. Similarly, you have to spend the same amount of time by yourself to understand who you are. You will have to ask yourself questions and you will find the right answers hidden deep within yourself, not on Quora or Google by searching, “Who am I?”

To solve your problems
How will you solve your problems if instead of focusing on finding solutions or discussing them, you keep on consuming unnecessary content on the Internet? Earlier, people used to resort to alcohol when they failed to solve their problems. Nowadays the whole internet generation resorts to the Internet in such situations. If we are surfing the internet to avoid or forget about any problem, or to divert our attention away from it, then there are more chances of increasing the problem than it being solved. 

 To hone your hidden talent
There is some talent hidden inside all of us. It can be from any field like art, science, sports, etc. But nowadays most of us have either forgotten that talent. We have suppressed it or we do not have the time to refine it. In today's Internet age, with whatever time we do get, instead of thinking or refining our talent, we spend it by surfing the Internet. Do you think you can take your talent to heights this way? NEVER. You will just stay lost in the endless world of the Internet and by the time realize you that, it will be too late.

 So quit sitting with the internet and learn to sit with yourself. Initially, it will feel a bit awkward and troublesome as you are not used to it. On the other hand, the new generation that has been born after the invention of the Internet has not even made it a habit. But gradually with practice, this habit will become part of your lifestyle. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you will get to know yourself.