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Time - A priceless commodity that we waste on the Internet

Hello guys! How are you all? I hope you all are  well and having fun in your life. I also hope that all of you are using the Internet for your benefit and not for timepass. I told you in the previous articles about how excessive use of the Internet affects both your personal and professional life in a negative way and how that should be avoided. However, today I suddenly realized that I forgot to write about the one thing that gets affected the most by excessive use of the Internet, and that is 'TIME'.  Yes, the Time of our life. It is the foundation on which the building of our lives stands. If surfing inexplicably on the internet causes the most damage to something in our life then it is Time, because time is the only commodity that does not come back once it is gone. You can get everything back after losing it in life but you cannot get back the time you lost. 

Many of you must be aware of this fact, but we forget about it while surfing the Internet. We forget that we are doing the wrong thing, and we should avoid it. What is it about the Internet that we waste the most priceless thing of our life on it every day without even realizing and instead, we enjoy the process? Let me tell you about it in today's article.

Through this article, I will tell you why the majority of people don't realize that they are wasting their precious time on the internet.

We are not aware of the importance of time

During our childhood, we are told in books or by elders that time is priceless and we should not destroy it. However, we have never been made practically aware of it or in the moment. That is why even today, most of us do not find it harmful to pass our time on the Internet. Rather, it is considered a very good activity and we feel proud sometimes that instead of sitting empty or talking to someone, we can easily spent time on the Internet. 

We waste time in pieces

Most of us waste time in pieces on the Internet throughout the day, and we never calculate the amount in those pieces together. As a result, we do not know how much time we have wasted at the end of the day. Just calculate it someday, and you will be astonished to find out how much time you have been wasting on the internet for some time.

We see everyone doing it

Today, when we see every other person around us surfing the internet, whether he is walking on the street, sitting at home or working in the office, we start to feel that there is nothing wrong in doing so and it is part of our daily routine. We start looking at it as a need of the time rather than a waste of time. Therefore, surfing inexplicably on the internet becomes a common thing for us. How can we assume that surfing the Internet all the time is a waste of time when the whole world is doing it and no one is complaining about it?

Nobody is going to tell us

As I told you in the previous point, when all the people around you are surfing mindlessly on the Internet and they find it right to do do, who will tell you that there is something wrong in doing it? And if no one interrupts you, you will never realize that you are wasting the precious time of your life on the Internet.

We do not see any bad results in the short term

It may be that surfing the Internet more than is necessary is still just a bad habit for you rather than an addiction. If you have been surfing the Internet for some time, then you will not be able to calculate the time lost on it. But if you look back at your life after 10 years, you will find that you have spent a lot of your life's precious time surfing the Internet for no reason and this lost time will never come back.

So friends, you have seen today how we are wasting the most precious thing in our life i.e. time on the internet and we are not even realizing it. If this continues on, then that day is not far away when you will be sitting in private and wondering where all your time has gone and why you did not take any action towards it before.
So understand the importance of time. Be alert and do not waste it unnecessarily. Give the Internet only the amount time that it actually requires.