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What is Internet Addiction

If you’re reading this article in 2019, you must have heard of the term ‘Internet Addiction.’ A type of addiction that had not attained any status until recently in most of the countries of the world in the category of ‘'addictions'. What exactly is Internet Addiction and how it affects us at the physical and mental level, is very important for us to know about and discuss.

What is Addiction?

Let's start with what addiction means. Addiction is a condition in which people keep using a certain substance, despite it having a bad influence on them physically and mentally. They are unable to stop consuming that substance, no matter how harmful and injurious it is for them. Usually, addiction is associated with drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is a disorder that can be associated with someone who prefers to spend most of their time surfing the Internet unnecessarily, rather than spending it on doing something productive or by interacting with people. In this scenario, the word ‘unnecessary’ is quite important as some people have to spend their entire day on the Internet for work. They might have the kind of job or work that requires them to remain online (sometimes round the clock). So we cannot call such people addicted to the internet if they use it for their profession.

So when can we say someone is Internet Addicted?

That's the million-dollar question since there are no accurate symptoms that you can notice in a person who is addicted to the internet, neither in his behavior nor in his health. He may take his food on time, he may talk in a well-behaved manner, he may finish his work in the office and he may perform his social responsibilities intelligently as well. Because of this, it is almost impossible for society to accept that the internet can also be an addiction. However, this explanation doesn’t make this disorder false at any level. 


The following are activities that we can categorize under internet addiction disorder. You must have noticed these activities done excessively by some people, and at times by yourself as well :)

⇒ Playing online games for hours on end and usually getting irritated by interruptions in between. At times becoming furious.

⇒ Not being able to stop themselves from checking their Facebook, WhatsApp, and email accounts numerous times a day.

  • Reading and posting comments on various news articles just for fun or to pass the time without any reason or purpose behind it.
  • Checking their mobile phone every 5 or 10 minutes and then indulging in using it for a long time. This is done by a majority of the people today on earth.
  • Surfing the internet late into the night every day.
  • Feeling lazy and depressed at the end of the day without any specific reason.

Like most disorders, it is not easy to pinpoint the exact reason for the occurrence of Internet addiction. It has many reasons which we will be discussed in the upcoming articles. It is true that excessive use of the internet affects the brain in such a way that it begins to hamper its ability to:

1.    Remember details
2.    Pay attention or to concentrate
3.    Plan and prioritize tasks

Internet Addiction-a disorder. any proof?

Whether internet addiction is a disorder or not, is a longstanding topic of discussion, as its intensity and effects vary from person to person. For example, it is possible that despite using the Internet again and again throughout the day, you somehow complete all your office work, but at the same time instead of doing it with attention and curiosity, you now complete it in a hurry. This is because only half of your mind is focused at work and the other half is thinking about something on the internet all the time.

What is the Internet Addiction Blog Verdict?

What I believe is that 'Acceptance' is the key. If you accept that a problem exists, it can be fixed. Most of the time, a person addicted to the Internet does not accept it and as a result, his life continues to be interrupted by it. As I mentioned earlier, Internet addiction has not achieved a place in the 'Addiction' category in most countries of the world until recently, so the chances of it being accepted are almost negligible. But remember, if today we don’t accept or take the first step towards curing it, we will keep wasting our precious time on the internet which will lead us nowhere.