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WhatsApp Messages-Fake or Real ? How to Check the Authenticity ?

In today's time, WhatsApp has become the biggest medium of communication amongst the Internet generation. Whereas in earlier days, we used to only use it to send text messages or chatting. Today, it is being used for many different purposes besides chatting. Many people nowadays prefer chatting for several minutes to hours instead of talking on phone calls.
Sending pictures and sharing videos is all right, but many times we unknowingly spread misinformation around the world through WhatsApp which not only gives wrong information to people but also troubles them mentally for a long time. The wrong information also fills them with anger and hate instantly.
Due to some misleading messages or videos on WhatsApp, the situation gets out of control at times where people are unable to control their emotions and quickly form the wrong impression towards a person or a community. You must have heard many times about a fake WhatsApp message spreading violence in our society.
The reason why I’m talking about this is that on my WhatsApp as well, such messages and videos keep on coming. I often recognize the authenticity of these videos and messages and then I either simply delete them or don't give them much thought. However, at times there are some messages or videos that after reading or watching, you believe what they are saying in a moment and do not think it necessary to investigate them further. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Before answering this question, I would like to share the details of some such videos with you all.
The caption of the video was something like this- The policemen did not give way to an ambulance because a politician (whom I would like to not name) was travelling through the same road. The sick girl inside the ambulance could not reach the hospital in time and died on the way.
At first, I didn’t take this message seriously. But when I saw the video, it showed this exactly how it was mentioned in the caption. An ambulance that had a sick child was stopped by policemen on a road because a politician was about to pass through there in a few moments. After little anger and protest by the people, the policemen somehow let the ambulance go. By watching the entire video, my mind was filled with anger towards the irresponsible attitude and insensitivity of the policemen. At the same time, I began to curse the politician and the political party which was indirectly responsible for this tragic incident.
But after thinking about this for a few minutes, I suddenly stayed still for some time and calmed my mind. I asked myself— Was what I just saw completely true? Is what the eyes see always the truth? Or is there anything else that I have not considered? 
I remembered some points that were mentioned:
The Dead Child 
Nowhere in the video is it shown that the girl died because of the delay. How will the truth be investigated? In the previous few days, I had neither come across any such news in the newspaper nor on the TV. How can I accept that the girl died merely by reading it on WhatsApp?

Name of the Politician
In the video, neither the police nor the public speaks the name of the politician due to whom the ambulance and other vehicles were stopped. So just by reading it there, we cannot make any assumption about the truth of this matter. So there is no reason to be angry with that politician either.
Duration of the Video
This video was of just one minute. For such a small period of time, the ambulance can also get stuck on a red light or traffic jam on the way, so we cannot blame any policeman or politician for such a small delay. 
So these were the top three reasons that stopped me from getting excited or feeling bad and thus, I did not feel the urge to forward this video to another friend. I suddenly remembered another story. The same thing had happened to me before. A friend of mine forwarded the video of a burning cable car to me on WhatsApp in which a traumatic accident occurred due to fire, and many people were killed. After seeing that video, my heart was filled with sorrow and instead of enjoying the holiday which I had come for, I kept thinking about the uncertainty of life for a long time.
A few days later, when I came to know that the video was false and was part of a commercial video, I was angry at my friend who sent me that video and also laughed at myself as to why I hurriedly believed the false news. 

The same thing happened this time. I believed such news for a moment immediately after reading it, but after thinking about it in my mind, I reached the conclusion that this news was also incomplete and misleading. And then to confirm it, I searched on the Internet ‘the ambulance video’ and I came to know that it was also a piece of fake news.
So friends, after reading any such shocking news that tries to play with your emotions, think about it for a few minutes, instead of letting your emotions run and getting angry or forwarding it to your friends in a hurry. Discuss it for a few moments with yourself and then decide. Time is precious, use it to give a new direction to your life and don’t waste it on stupid things.